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Finally, Melbourne, more specifically Armadale, has its very own unique Victor Churchill experience that opened on November 15, 2021. Their Melbourne setting is located in the former State Bank at 953 High Street. Fortuitously, the façade of this historic Edwardian building, dating back to 1910, has been retained during the re-development.

‘Victor Puharich, a fourth-generation butcher along with his son Anthony are only the fourth owners of Victor Churchill over its illustrious 144-year history. The Victor Churchill name is a tribute to both the original founders of the store, the Churchill family  ……

Anthony Puharich has since established a reputation as one of Australia’s leading butchers and entrepreneurs. With an unmatched understanding of the people and produce that are the backbone of Australia’s meat industry, few people share his depth of knowledge and passion for all things meat.’ (excerpt from Victor Churchill Website)

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