Starward Whisky Distillery

Okay, so I don’t drink whisky but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the process from barley to bottle, hence a visit to Starward Whisky Distillery. On the one hour (ish) tour I learned the process goes something like this ..Barley -> Malting -> Mashing -> Fermentation -> Distillation -> Barrels -> Maturation from 3- 5 years depending on the size of the barrel. Starward uses 100% Australian barley and Apera (Australian sherry style) barrels for their Solera whisky and the wine-cask edition uses barrels that formerly stored Australian reds. The average age of wood is in excess of 20 years of age and some barrels are over 55 years of age. They also have a bar where you can do a whisky tasting or choose something else from the beverage list which also includes cocktails. Something for everyone!


Starward Whisky Distillery
50 Bertie Street
Port Melbourne  3207

Starward Website


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