Old England Hotel

‘Crayfish Festival’ at the Old England was the lure to head to The Old England Hotel for lunch. Unfortunately the experience was very disappointing. The Crayfish, I call it Lobster, was underwhelming  …. If  I am paying $60 for a single plate of food, I expect it to be perfect and, unfortunately, it fell short. The bisque, crayfish and vegetables were served lukewarm however the hand-cut chips were nice and hot. There was no discernible truffle flavour and the mornay sauce was unrefined and ‘gluggy’. The ‘San Choi Bao’ was unpleasant to eat especially as you had to tip off the excess watery fluid pooling in the lettuce cup and, quite frankly, the presentation was sloppy. Service was friendly!


Old England Hotel
459 Lwr. Heidelberg Road
Heidelberg 3084

Old England Hotel Website


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