Attica Summer Camp

The Yarra Valley pop-up restaurant in Seville, with a use-by date of five months -> December 20 – May 21, Attica Summer Camp is a far cry from the fine diner in Ripponlea. There are two large rotisserie grills, also a smoker, where many items from the menu are transformed over the hot coals including Ben Shewry’s take on a Hasselback potato. He must have a thing for showcasing the humble potato given Attica’s signature is ‘A Simple Dish of Potato Cooked in the Earth It Was Grown’! We loved the casual and different ‘camp’ dining experience and all dishes we chose were great, especially the melt-in-your-mouth focaccia we devoured with great gusto smothered in pâte, and their devilled egg dip!

Attica Summer Camp
45 Davross Court
Seville 3139

Attica Summer Camp Website


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