Rain Room

ACMI and Jackalope have collaborated to create a 100 sqm, magical art installation in St Kilda. ‘Rain Room’ is Random International’s most famous works and has previously shown in London, New York, and Shanghai.

Imagine walking into a darkened room filled with continuous rain, complete with sound, however you remain dry!  Thanks to six concealed motion sensors in the roof,  ‘Rain Room’ detects where you are and ensures a water-free radius around you and others in the area.

The maze of scaffolding took six months to install and the interior a further six weeks to complete the build. Using 2500 litres of constantly recycled water, the perfectly lit drops fall from a patterned ceiling and cascade into a floor grille, the water is then filtered and pumped back to commence another cycle.

The installation involves a complex combination of valves, pressure regulators, software, 3D tracking cameras and 2500 litres of self-cleaning recycled water. (Will Cox – Broadsheet)

‘Rain Room’ made its southern hemisphere debut here in Melbourne in August 2019 and will be featured at the pavilion until October 27






Jackalope Pavilion
Cnr Jackson & Acland Streets
St Kilda  3182

Rain Room Website


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