IDES – One Day Sunday 4th Birthday

IDES enlisted four of Melbourne’s best chefs to help celebrate their 4th birthday. Each chef reinterpreted a dish that had been served to them in the restaurant in the past 4 years. Together, they curated an amazing menu with a course from each chef, and some by IDES.


Cauliflower & Hazelnut | Salmon & Avocado | Beef & Truffle – Peter Gunn, IDES

Cured Snapper | Lardo |Beetroot | Kombu – Dave Verheul, Embla/Lesa

Roasted Celeriac | Smoked Egg Yolk | Dill – Zack Furst, Bar Liberty

Confit Lamb Shoulder | Salt Bush |Macadamia | Pickled Green Tomato – Guy Stanaway, Jackalope

Aerated Pumpkin Pudding | Sweet Skins | Toasted Seeds – Blayne Bertoncello, O.MY

Ruby Chocolate – The Sweet Treat – Peter Gunn, IDES



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